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On February 27th, 2014 we’ll host our first Dare to Dream event in Cape Town, South Africa. We couldn’t have wished for a better partner to host the event than Claremont High School. Claremont High is a maths and science school that provides access to focused teaching of science and maths to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. The school counts 400 pupils aged 13 – 18. Many of them come from some of the poorest communities in and around Cape Town.

More than 210 girls will attend the Dare To Dream event!

Claremont High pupils Claremont High School

Murray Gibbon “We’re excited to be part of this collaboration. What Dare To Dream is trying to achieve dovetails perfectly with our aims as a school – to see girls grow and develop and fulfil their potential. To have DTD take care of all the logistics and the planning of such an event is a real gift to us. The girls at our School will undoubtedly be challenged and inspired!” - Murray Gibbon, Principal, Claremont High School
Mandy Moyce_vice-principal “Girls need to see leadership modelled and must be able to connect  and interact with inspiring and successful women. It’s no use saying to a girl that she can, we must show her that she can.” - Mandy Moyce, Deputy Principal, Claremont High School


WATCH THIS SPACE! We’re announcing more speakers soon.


  • Always use local role models
    Although there is power in showing girls women who are international heroines, we believe that the true power lies in exposing girls to local role models. At Dare to Dream we source speakers locally to ensure girls are presented with role models that are socially and culturally relevant.
  • Reach girls from disadvantaged backgrounds
    Events bring together girls from socially isolated or disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Hosted in collaboration with local high schools
    Our events are always hosted in collaboration with a local school. If your school is interested in hosting a Dare To Dream event, please contact our founder Sabine Clappaert on sabine@daretodreamproject.org